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Dogs do speak, but only to those ​who know how to listen.

- Orhan Pamuk

- Orhan Pamuk​



"Dogs do speak but only to those who know how to listen."

Colette (Hannah)


"Just the BEST! We have 2 dogs; one reactive towards other dogs. Most dog walkers won't take her but Nicky took her on and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Hannah listens to us so much better and has made an unbelievable change since Nicky has taught her there is nothing to be afraid of. Using the "look" command we now have control over any potential dog aggression situations. Hannah would rather "look" at us than be worried about another dog. THANK YOU NICKY!!"

Jennie ​(Billy)


"Nicky takes great care of our lovely boxer boy, Billy. Billy can be a handful, he is fearful of other dogs and can get very agitated when he encounters dogs on his walks and will become aggressive if this isn't handled properly. We've been following the advice of a trainer who taught us how to specifically deal with each of Billy's triggers and make sure that he stays calm on his walks. I was very cautious to trust anyone else to walk Billy, but I needn't have worried. Nicky took time to understand and clarify all of Billy's challenges and she has diligently followed our routine ensuring that Billy enjoys stress free walks and is not put in situations that cause his fear and agitation to escalate into a bad reaction. We also love the detailed recap emails and photos after every walk and I am so reassured to know that my boxer boy is in such great hands. I rarely see Nicky in person since she walks Billy while we are at work, but her communication is excellent, so I always know when the walks start and end and how things went. On the rare occasion that we are home when Nicky arrives to collect Billy, its great to see how excited he is to see her; there's no better review of Nicky's connection and commitment to Billy than to see him jumping for joy when she picks him up for his walk!!!! Thank you Nicky!"

Jillana (Cooper)

Nicky has been a life saver for us! Our 1 year old GSP Cooper is a very anxious pup, which unfortunately results in him being quite reactive towards other people and dogs. We have been working with a trainer since we got him, and she recommended we enlist Nicky's help, as we no longer felt comfortable bringing him to daycare. From day one she has been so good to and for Cooper. It didn't take him long to feel comfortable around Nicky, and he is now excited to see her everyday and listens to her very well. She has taken the time to know Cooper's body language, and whether or not he is able to handle different situations, and removes him from triggers if it's too much. She has been very patient and so loving with him, which is just what he needs. We love that Nicky keeps us in the loop 100% - whether it's letting us know when she gets to Cooper and leaves him, the detailed emails of each walk, or the multiple photos that she takes during their walk together. We know that Cooper is in good hands with Nicky!

Tania (Ribo)

"I feel so fortunate that my sweet 14 year-old dog, Ribo, has Nicky to look after her when I can't. Ribo can be a bit anxious at times and doesn't deal with changes very well as she is a senior dog. However, she is always so calm and happy when she is with Nicky! I have 100% confidence in Nicky's skills and knowledge. Also, her genuine concern and care for Ribo is unquestionable and I never have to worry about anything when I know that Ribo is in her care. I highly recommend Wilke Walks!"

Le Anne (Rosie)

Nicky is the kindest and most considerate dog walker we have ever encountered, not only does Nicky put our little pup Rosie at ease but she also enables myself and my partner to feel comfortable knowing that Rosie is being well looked after whilst in Nicky's care.

Nicky instills confidence and compassion in our little pup, who recently experienced an unprovoked attack by another dog which has left her feeling very vulnerable, scared and resulting in on leash reactivity.

Nicky has shown Rosie patience and understanding whilst walking her, enabling her to feel more confident on the leash again. Rosie loves seeing Nicky, she gets so excited to go on walks with her, her bum wiggles uncontrollably.

Nicky has also been integral in our own continued efforts with rehabilitating Rosie through this traumatic experience.

We cannot recommend Nicky enough, her thorough emails and beautiful pictures are testimony to the commitment that she demonstrates towards each and every dog.

Thank you Nicky

Abby (Capone)

"Nicky has been a lifesaver for us! Capone is a bit of a maniac on walks, and we’ve noticed a major difference since he started his weekly walks with Nicky. I absolutely love the update emails and pictures - it’s so great to know that there’s someone out there like Nicky who understands the importance of managing reactive behaviour in dogs. Thank you Nicky!!!!"

Ailvi (Sophie)

"Being a rescue Sophie was very unsure of most people and extremely shy. She instantly bonded with Nicky and would jump with excitement every time they met. Sophie's walks with Nicky helped her with issues of fear around strangers and for that I can't thank her enough! "

Ben (Zeus)

"Nicky is amazing and has worked wonders with our dog Zeus. He was a rescue and needed a little extra help getting comfortable seeing other dogs. Nicky has been great in helping Zeus and us to get him to where he is now, a super happy pup thats happy to say hi to other dogs. I cannot recommend her enough!"