Service​s & Rates​

My goal is to PREVENT any reactions and/or successfully MANAGE our way out of any scenarios that may arise during a walk that could cause reactivity in your dog.  I do this by using force-free methods such as positive reinforcement.  

I tailor each walk to match your dog's level of training to ensure (s)he is able to keep progressing and moving forward with the behaviour modifcation plan that you have been working so hard on!  Ex. Can your dog only stay under threshold seeing other dogs from 50 ft away? Can he or she only manage  seeing other dogs with a fun game of "find it" involved? OR  maybe your dog isn't ready to see other dogs at all?! 

With Wilke Walks it's YOUR walk tailored to the specific needs of YOUR dog. 

For each walk you will receive a text at pick up/drop off, an e-mail with quality photos and a detailed report of how the walk went for your pup so you can keep track of their progress. High value quality treats (very important for reactive dogs) are included in the price of each walk. If your dog has dietary restrictions we can discuss alternative treat options.

If you don't see an option listed below that works for you, please Contact Me to discuss your dog walking needs. All dogs welcome whether they are well socialized or not, I tailor the walk to the specific needs of each dog. 

First consultation meeting is free and my opportunity to learn everything you may want me to practice with your dog on our walks and to ensure your dog is comfortable with me and that I'm staying consistent with your training.

Private Walks!

Private neighbourhood walk

1) 30 min ($35.00)

2) 45 min ($45.00)

3) 60 min ($55.00) 

4) 90 min ($75.00)

For reactive dogs focusing on positive reinforcement when seeing possible triggers like other dogs, people or children etc while avoiding direct greetings with other dogs or whatever may trigger the reactivity. Being aware of the dog's body language and surroundings to create space when necessary is a must. This ensures the most positive and stress free walk for your canine buddy. Also a fantastic opportunity for mental engagement during a walk, introducing fun games/cues like hand targeting, ready set catch, find it and look at me to name a few. This is an engaging one-on-one walk where your dog will receive full attention to their specific needs while experiencing both mental and physical exercise.  This option is also great for any dog that is working on specific skills such as focus around distrations, leash walking and basic manners. Yummy HIGH VALUE treats are included in the price!

Break Time!

Puppy visits, Potty Breaks &

Senior Strolls

1) 20 min ($25.00)

2) 30 min ($30.00)

While you're busy away from your home, I will gladly come by and let your pup out, play with them, feed them and clean up any mess that may have happened during your absence. Also a great option to help teach your puppy how to walk on leash, along with cues like drop it, sit, stay and come using positive force-free methods only.

For senior dogs or for dogs that can't hold their bladder all day while your at work, a brisk 20 minute walk outside to relieve themselves is a great option. 

Walking Buddies!

Parallel walk with your dog and one other dog. 

1) 30 min ($25.00)

2) 45 min ($35.00)

3) 60 min (45.00) 

(The availability for this option varies, please inquire for more info.)

A great option for those with a reactive dog looking to practice alongside another dog. This is your chance to gain confidence with your leash handling skills walking your own dog while helping to create new and positive associations around another dog and/or person.  

A great opportunity for you to  practice walking alongside a knowledgeable walker and their dog, increasing/decreasing distance, passing by another dog as well as practicing emergency u-turns all while helping you become more comfortable with walking your reactive dog. 

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****For multiple dog households looking to have more than one dog walked at the same time, we offer a 20% discount for the second dog. This discount applies to when two dogs are being walked together at once!

Please note we do not walk more than two dogs together at once and if the second dog is also reactive then both dogs will need to be walked separately to ensure the safety and needs of each dog are being met. The walk will be charged according to the total time walked instead of per dog.

Reach deeper during training and try to find a way to connect with your dog through the heart not a leash and a collar. 

- Zak George

Zak George