Our mission at Wilke Walks is to PREVENT any reactions and/or successfully MANAGE our way out of any scenarios that may arise during a walk that could cause reactivity. 

We achieve this using force-free training techniques, such as positive reinforcement.  

Each walk is personally tailored to match your dog's needs and abilities. 

This ensures they are able to progress and thrive with the behaviour modification plan that we curate together. 

Can your dog only stay under threshold seeing other dogs from 50 ft away?

 Can he or she only manage seeing other dogs with a fun game of "find it" involved? 

OR maybe your dog isn't ready to see other dogs at all?!

 With Wilke Walks it's YOUR walk tailored to the specific needs of YOUR dog.

All walks include:

  • a text notification at the commencement and conclusion of the walk
  • an e-mail with quality photos
  • a detailed report of how the walk went for your pup so you can keep track of their progress
  • High value quality treats (very important for reactive dogs) 

 Our services are completely customizable. 

All dogs are welcome whether they are well socialized or not.


P R I V A T E    W A L K S

One on one tailored walks for reactive dogs focusing on positive reinforcement when triggered while avoiding direct greetings with other dogs or other triggers.  

Our focus is being aware of your dog's body languages, surroundings and external triggers to create space when necessary. We aim to be proactive and predictive to minimize any reaction as much as possible. 

This is fundamental to ensuring the most positive and stress free walk for your canine companion. This is also a fantastic opportunity for mental engagement and enrichment during a walk. This type of one on one activity completely engages your dog. 

This package is also great for any dog that is working on specific skills such as focus around distractions, leash walking and basic manners. 

Monthly Packages


 8 x 45 minute walks =$360.00

     8 x 60 min walks = $480.00


12 x 30 min walks = $420

     12 x 45 min walks = $540.00

     12 x 60 min walks = $720.00


Delicious and nutritious HIGH VALUE treats are included in every walk!

P A R A L L E L   B U D D I E S

Parallel walk with your dog 

and one other dog.

This package is a great option for those with a reactive dog seeking to practice alongside to another dog. 

We coach you and your dog alongside an experienced walker and their dog. Together we practice varying distance, passing other dogs, u-turns, leash handling skills, and immediate deescalation techniques. 

This allows you to create new and positive associations around another dog and/or person. 

 Our goal is to provide the tools and techniques to help you become more comfortable and confident while walking your dog.

Monthly Packages

8 x 45 min sessions = $320

8 x 60 min sessions = $400

*limited availability*

P U P P Y   P A C K A G E 


The growth and development of your puppy is very important to us. 

Proper socialization is key to preventing behaviouralYou sent Today at 8:34 PM

The growth and development of your puppy is very important to us. This is a crucial time in your dog's development where you do not want to wait to start your training and safe exposure. This does not mean walking into a dog park or sending your puppy to doggy daycare. which can be not only dangerous but very overwhelming for your puppy. Working with a knowledgeable pet professional who can tailor a structured outdoor session with your pup will be incredibly beneficial to you and your sweet puppy.

Proper socialization is key to preventing behavioural issues and ensuring your puppy become the confident, well adjusted dog they are meant to be!

We will be staying consistent with your schedule, helping you with your positive reinforcement training homework by practicing cues taught in your puppy class such as sit, down, touch, wait, stay, leave it, look at me, etc. We will also be ensuring their outdoor time and exposure to their socialization check list is done in a positive and fun manner using science-based force-free methods only. We will also be setting up weekly puppy play dates with other healthy puppies.

***Space is limited for this

specialized service.

Monthly Packages


8 - 16 weeks old

(3 walks per week)

12 x 30 min walks = $460

12 x 45 min walks = $580


8 - 16 weeks old

(5 walks per week)

20 x 30 min walks = $640

20 x 45 min x 5 walks = $800

* Bonus locally made snuffle mat and tug toy included when you sign up for your monthly puppy package!

Level 2 All Star

4 - 8 months old


Continuing with basic skills taught during the socialization period and continuing to strengthen leash skills, recall practice, calmly walking past dogs and people on leash, focus on handler in distracting environments, preparing for off-leash hikes or other life skill goals that will enhance you and your dog's life.

***If your puppy is struggling with serious fear, noise phobias, guarding resources or any aggressive behaviours we will be referring you to a certified behaviour consultant for a professional assessment. issues and ensuring your puppy become the confident, well adjusted dog they are meant to be!

Multiple dog households looking to have more than one dog walked at the same time

we offer a 20% discount for the second dog

This discount applies to when two dogs are being walked together at once.

Please note we do not walk more than two dogs together at once and if the second dog is also reactive then both dogs will need to be walked separately to ensure the safety and needs of each dog are being met. 

The walk will be charged according to the total time walked instead of per dog.