"Just the best! We have two dogs; one reactive towards other dogs. 

Most dog walkers won't take her but Nicky took her on and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Hannah listens to us so much better and has made an unbelievable change since Nicky has taught her there is nothing to be afraid of. Using the "look" command we now have control over any potential dog aggression situations. Hannah would rather "look" at us than be worried about another dog." 


"Nicky takes great care of our lovely boxer boy, Billy. Billy can be a handful, he is fearful of other dogs and can get very agitated when he encounters dogs on his walks and will become aggressive if this isn't handled properly. We've been following the advice of a trainer who taught us how to specifically deal with each of Billy's triggers and make sure that he stays calm on his walks. I was very cautious to trust anyone else to walk Billy, but I needn't have worried. Nicky took time to understand and clarify all of Billy's challenges and she has diligently followed our routine ensuring that Billy enjoys stress free walks and is not put in situations that cause his fear and agitation to escalate into a bad reaction. We also love the detailed recap emails and photos after every walk and I am so reassured to know that my boxer boy is in such great hands. I rarely see Nicky in person since she walks Billy while we are at work, but her communication is excellent, so I always know when the walks start and end and how things went. On the rare occasion that we are home when Nicky arrives to collect Billy, its great to see how excited he is to see her; there's no better review of Nicky's connection and commitment to Billy than to see him jumping for joy when she picks him up for his walk!!!! Thank you Nicky!"