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“I would rather have cookies in my jacket pockets than a chain around my dog's neck.”

― Pat Miller

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Welcome to Wilke Walks!

Wilke Walks is a dog walking company specializing in private tailored walks for reactive dogs  using positive reinforcement and force-free handling. We believe in working with dogs not against them and inorder to do that we like to set dogs up for success by avoiding stressful scenarios while being  mindful for their need of space from potential triggers like other dogs and/or people. 

We understand the importance of  prevention and management inorder to help keep reactive dogs under threshold so they can have the most stree-free and enjoyable walk possible. We know that reactive dogs are in fact great dogs that just need a bit more patience, understanding and dedication.

Having my own reactive dog while consistently working on his training with a local and reputable trainer has taught me A LOT about the misunderstood behaviour we call dog reactivity. See the About page to learn more about my story living with my reactive rescue dog Charlie and how he inspired Wilke Walks.

Scheduling structured walks with a consistent and knowledgable walker can serve as a huge benefit for your reactive pup. To book your free consultation meeting, please Contact Me today!y!

***Wilke Walks offers a variety of services for one on one dog care such as puppy visits and  buddy walks. Please see Services/Rates for more info!

"I have a soft spot for reactive and misunderstood dogs. I'm dedicated to providing one on one walks so I can stay focused on quality care and service to each of my clients and their wonderful dogs."

 - Nicky Wilke

(Owner/Operator  of Wilke Walks)